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Mount Everest 2002

The team

Out 12th expedition led us to the northern side of Mount Everest. We were lucky and could go back home successfully.
We, that is Claudia Bäumler and Hartmut Bielefeldt.
As a two person team, we undertook several interesting mountaineering projects during the last years. Most of them were quite successful.
On this page you find some aspects of our alpinistic "history".

Dr. Hartmut Bielefeldt
born 1965
Claudia Bäumler
born 1968
Betriebswirt (MBA)
on the summit of Nochma

On the summit of Nochma (5575 m, Sichuan, May 2001)

the trips which we did together:

1992Pik Lenin (7134)
Our first expedition, with Hauser Exkursionen
1993Pik Korzhenevskaja (7105) and Pik Kommunizma (7495)
Two 7000 m peaks, with Hauser Exkursionen
trip organized on our own
1995Tien Shan (Attempt at Khan Tengri)
More than 6400 m was not possible due to the weather and the organization (IMC)
1996Chile/Bolivia: Parinacota (6342), Huayna Potosí (6088), Illimani (6460)
trip organized on our own
1997Aconcagua (6960)
expedition organized on our own
Attempt at Cho Oyu
(with Amical Alpin) up to 6900 m, retreat due to altitude storms
1998Tien Shan: Khan Tengri (7010)
partly organized by DAV Summit Club
1999Cho Oyu (8201)
as an external group with an Amical expedition
2000Denali (6194)
expedition organized on our own
2001Minya Konka (attempt)
expedition organized on our own

Not included here are several hundred mountaineering trips in the Alps. You can find more about that on our homepage www.bielefeldt.de

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