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Mount Everest 2002


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Here you find updates from the expedition.
Many thanks to German Hammerl for updating this page during our absence!

26 August 2002 With the publication of the complete report including an updated route description and the final images, this web site is "complete". There will be no further updates. You will find our future projects on Hartmut's mountaineering pages. Thank you very much for your interest in www.everest-2002.de.
19 July 2002 Hartmut is back home since five weeks now, but the frostbite heals only slowly.
Besides the expedition report, we are working on the documentation of the expedition by a page with practical hints, a map sketch, height diagram and an updated route description. Part of this is here, part is on Hartmut's mountaineering pages. Within the next few weeks, the content of the two internet pages will be synchronized again.
04 June 2002 After changing our flight back home to thursday, May 30. we arrived at home on friday. In the afternoon Hartmut went to hospital, where the frostbite at his big toes were checked and properly dressed. For further treatment with infusions he had to go to hospital the next day for at least ten days to try to avoid an amputation at his big toes. So he has now at least enough time to prepare the detailed expedition report. Claudias job is meanwhile, to unpack the whole expedition gear, do the public relation work and start the work back on her job.
26 May 2002 The first acclimatization phase at ABC was well on schedule, the camp at North Col was pitched on April 20. Bad weather then forced us back to basecamp, and after returning to the ABC on April 28 still the conditions remained extremely windy. It was not before May 13 that the high camps were prepared for a first summit attempt. Last camp (8200 m) was reached on May 16. Claudia and Hartmut both reached the summit without problems on a perfect day, May 17, at 11:30 Nepalese time, and returned to camp 3 on this day. The further descent turned out dramatic since Hartmut was utterly exhausted. Only with the help of Gheorghe Dijmarescu, our Sherpa Mingma, and others, we could finally reach the ABC on May 19. Within the next days, Hartmut, suffering from exhaustion and frostbite, was brought down to the basecamp. On May 26, we reached Kathmandu after a long long trip from Everest basecamp.
13 April 2002 We could leave Kathmandu on April 6 and have reached the base camp in Rongbuk valley on April 11, so we are almost on schedule. Acclimatization is going very well, despite the 5100 m here there's no headache yet. Tomorrow, we will go on to advanced base camp.
April 5, 2002 Still in Kathmandu - our leave for Tibet is postponed. There are no overland buses available, because Maoist attacks against buses in west Nepal have raised safety concerns of the transport entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is an open question when services will be re-established and when we will be able to leave.
April 3, 2002 After a two-day odyssey from Frankfurt via Bahrain and Abu Dhabi to Kathmandu, we (and our equipment) have arrived in Nepal. These days, food purchases and organisational things are done. Since the strike that had been announced for April 2-6 was postponed by 3 weeks, we will be able to leave on schedule for the Tibetan border on April 5.
22 March 2002 part of our equipment is on the way to Kathmandu.
March 2002 We are busy with training, on ski tours in the Alps or (if the weather is not so good) hiking up and down the nearest hump, the Pfänder. Equipment and high camp food are almost complete now.

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