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Mount Everest 2002

Welcome to the homepage of our "miniature" Mount Everest expedition. The project is completed, this webpage will not be updated anymore. Please find all our mountain projects on www.bielefeldt.de.

On the summit of Mount Everest, 17 May 2002

  • When - April/May 2002.
  • Where - the normal Tibetan north side route.
  • Who - We, this is Claudia Bäumler and Hartmut Bielefeldt, living in Frickingen-Leustetten, Lake of Constance, Germany. Mount Everest was our 12th expedition.
  • How - As a two-person team, we joined a group organized from Nepal for organization until base camp. Beyond, we acted independently.
  • O2 - We climbed Mount Everest using bottled oxygen.
  • Sherpa - Mingma Sherpa was an indispensable help for the transport of equipment (especially the heavy oxygen bottles) to the high camps.
  • Report - As usually there is a detailed report about our expedition without any secrets.
  • What is on this website - Please use the navigation bar on top to find information about us, the route, our schedule, new stuff, some background information about Mount Everest history and statistics, and the copyright information. Meanwhile also the report is ready.

EverestNews (external link)
Find news about all Everest expeditions at EverestNews.

We thank for support by
North Face Sport Schmidt, Friedrichshafen

Do you prefer to go to the south side of Mount Everest? That's where the Mount Everest Anniversary Expedition 2003 will go to.

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