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My interactive summit map

Als an alternative to the Google Maps where I indicated the destinations only symbolically, I have processed many of my GPS track records and displayed them on the Openstreetmap. Since the map is very confusing and slow if all tracks are drawn, I programmed the map in an interactive way, based on the summits which I climbed.
  • The entrance to the map is a summit or a location which I visited.
  • The surroundings of this summit are displayed at a scale of about 20 km.
  • The 20 track records which are closest to the chosen summit.
  • Single tracks can be activated and deactivated in the menu.
  • Summits are clickable, you see a small image of the mountain. center selects the mountain as new map center, and so you can click around through my mountain world.
A few starting points:
Our direct neighbourhood: Pfänder Hochgrat Hoher Freschen Hoher Fraßen Schesaplana Säntis
Eastern Alps: Rofan Großvenediger Kaisergebirge Chiemgau Piz Julier Weißkugel Gardasee
Western Alps: Tödi Sustenhorn Walliseralpen:Fletschhorn Mont Blanc Gran Paradiso Mont Cenis>
Bicycle tours: Berlin-Usedom Altmühltal Schwäbische Alb
Islands and beaches: Griechenland:Olymp Mallorca Teneriffa Gran Canaria Fuerteventura
Expeditions: Caucasus:Elbrus Pamirs:Peak Lenin Pamirs:Peak Communism Tien Shan Himalaya:Ladakh Himalaya:Mount Everest China:Minya Konka Kilimanjaro Chile Argentina Bolivia Peru Ecuador Alaska

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