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Hartmut's Homepage - mountains

Welcome to my digital home - offering eveything YOU need if you are a mountain freak in the Alps or on Expedition
Note that this is my personal homepage, without commercial interest. Everything you find here is for free.
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    Mountains in the Alps and the rest of the world

    Here you find trip reports and images from the Alps and other mountains in North and South America, Africa, the Former Soviet Union, and Nepal/Tibet/India/China, including practical information about travel and mountaineering in some of these countries.

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    This includes the 4000m peaks list
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Last substantial modification of one of the pages in the endless universe of this homesite: December 31, 2022
Currently, this homesite consists of 243 German language and 165 English language pages.

Please note that this is a completely non-commercial homepage. I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies I mention here, and all recommendations I give are based on personal experience and my personal opinion, not on any commercial profit that I would have! (Unfortunately, I really have none....)
This page is dedicated to primarily give information, being updated whenever new things are available. At the bottom of each page you will find the date of the last change.

Copyright Notice

Unless otherwise noted, all material on my homepage is © Hartmut Bielefeldt. You may copy images or text for your own use; this is explicitly encouraged. If you make information from this homepage accessible to others in printed or electronic form (also on personal homepages), please ask me for permission before you do so. In any case, the origin of the images/text shall be clearly marked; I recommend putting a link to my homepage. Thank you for your understanding!
The background picture on this page shows Volcán Licancábur in northern Chile.
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