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Background pictures for your computer

On this page you find some pictures that you can use as background images for your computer.
As for all images, personal use is free but making them available to others in a systematic way (e.g. on your homepage) is not permitted.
All images are stored as JPG in order to reduce file size and transfer time. For use under Windows, you must convert the images to BMP format. every civilized image processing program can do so. In case your browser simply displays the picture instead of downloading it, simply choose "save image as" by right-clicking on the image, and you can save the JPG file on your harddisk and later convert it to BMP.
edelweiss.jpg edelweiss.jpg
Edelweiss like these are abundant in Pamirs and Tien Shan. From our 1993 Pamirs expedition.
korsch.jpg korsch.jpg
Peak Korzhenevskoj (7105 m), Pamirs.
The image was taken in 1993 from Pik Vorobeva, in between the two 7000 m giants of the southern Pamirs. For details, see the 1993 Pamirs expedition.
moskva.jpg moskva.jpg
Moskva river in Moscow.
1993 - Having returned from the mountains, we spent two days in Moscow. The tall building - if I remember right it is the ministry of foreign affairs - is one of the five buildings in Moscow from the Stalin time.
roter_platz.jpg roter_platz.jpg
Moscow, Red Square with Basil's Cathedral and Kremlin.
kuppel.jpg kuppel.jpg
Dome of a mosque in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.
registan.jpg registan.jpg
Registan Square Samarkand.
araucaria.jpg araucaria.jpg
"Leaves" of an Araucaria in southern Chile.
osorno.jpg osorno.jpg
Volcano Osorno (2660 m) above Lago Llanquihue, southern Chile.
licancabur.jpg licancabur.jpg
Volcano Licancábur (5916 m), Atacama, northern Chile.
pobeda.jpg pobeda.jpg
Peak Pobeda (7439 m) in Tien Shan during rare good weather.
ruta_23.jpg ruta_23.jpg
A "road scene" in the Atacama region, Chile.
aufstieg_am_pik_lenin.jpg aufstieg_am_pik_lenin.jpg
During ascent to Peak Lenin (7134 m), Pamirs.

Deutsche Version
Deutsche Version

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