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Here you find updated news from the expedition. For news which are relevant only for German speaking visitors, please refer to the German language page.

29 October 2003 Finally we have some pictures from the summit in the "images" section!
We'd like to apologize for the long delay, but almost all of our members have a normal job which demands some effort after having been more than two months off.
02 July 2003 Not complete yet, but at least we can show a couple of new pictures taken between Base Camp and South Col. See the "images" section!
09 June 2003 Since Friday, the team is back home in Germany and Switzerland.
28 May 2003 Since this morning, our team is on the way back with yaks and porters. They are expected to reach Kathmandu in about four days. We do not expect a lot of news until Monday. More..
28 May 2003 Helicopter accident near base camp. Our team is not affected. More..
27 May 2003 The team is expected back to base camp on Wednesday. More..
27 May 2003 Now we have more details about the summit day. The team is coming down towards basecamp; meanwhile camp 2 is reached again.
26 May 2003 Success! Tom, Christian, Eike, Frank, and Sherpa Pemba reached the summit today and are back in camp 4, in good shape. All expedition members are doing fine.
25 May 2003 South Col reached, preparing for the summit bid this night. More..
24 May 2003 The team arrived in camp 3 again. More..
23 May 2003 Tomorrow they will start again: On Saturday the ascent from camp 2 to camp 3 is planned. The weather might be good for a summit attempt on Monday. More..
22 May 2003 A new, last summit attempt is being planned for the beginning of next week. Meanwhile a couple of intrepid mountaineers from other expeditions could reach the summit. But the majority of the mountaineers has descended to lower regions.
21 May 2003 Not a summit day - the wind is too strong. All have returned to camp 2. More..
20 May 2003 Summit plans changed - now the summit attempt will be done in two groups. More..
19 May 2003 Notes from the base camp
What for do we need Bad Heilbrunner at Mount Everest?
19 May 2003 Rest day in camp 3, the team will continue tomorrow.
18 May 2003 Arrival in camp 3. On Monday or Tuesday they will continue to the South Col. More..
17 May 2003 The complete team now is in camp 2. Tomorrow (Sunday) they will go on to camp 3. More..
16 May 2003 The starting signal is given, now the decisive ascent begins. More..
15 May 2003 On Friday, a new attempt to the high camps and hopefully to the summit will start. It probably will be the last summit chance, so we hope for the best! More..
14 May 2003 Waiting, Coordinating, Preparations for the ascent within the next few days
13 May 2003 All are back in base camp. Once again the waiting starts. More..
12 May 2003 Alone in camp 2, it is not clear if the weather will permit an attempt. More..
09/10 May 2003 Our team is on the way for a summit attempt.
06 May 2003 News from basecamp: TV shots, and waiting for the start towards the summit.
05 May 2003 News about the research project More..
04 May 2003 That shouldn't have happenened - a destroyed tent in camp 1
02 May 2003 Back in camp 2 for further acclimatization. More..
29 April 2003 Strong snowfall forces the mountaineers to have some rest days in the base camp. The weather forecast predicts an improvement towards the weekend. More..
28 April 2003 Installation of the high camps and the necessary carries up on the mountains are well on schedule. Everybody is fine.
21 April 2003 First material transport from base camp to camp 2
19 April 2003 On April 15, the team has arrived in base camp. They were the 20th of 22 expeditions in Everest Base Camp. All are doing well, health and mood are fine.
15 April 2003 News about the research project. More (now in English!).
12 April 2003 Arrival in Pheriche, 4200 m. Now the group has entered the area of our overview map...
09 April 2003 Namche Bazar, 3450 m, is reached. After a rest day, they will continue on April 11 towards the base camp.
06 April 2003 The team is complete in Kathmandu, and also all the equipment has arrived well. Tomorrow, Monday, they will continue to Lukla.
From 8 April on, Oliver Häussler will give reports from the expedition at Externer LinkSpiegel-Online (in German).
04 April 2003 We are "official" - the permit is issued.
02 April 2003 The first part of the expedition team arrived in Kathmandu.
images from Kathmandu.
30 March 2003

How does it look if someone packs for seven weeks in the base camp?
Have a look...

28 March 2003

Only a few days left until the first part of the team will be leaving for Nepal on March 31. In Kathmandu they will take care of customs formalities, material check and the climbing permit.
Good-bye and check-in in Frankfurt airport at 8 p.m. at the Qatar Airways counter.

21 February 2003

Big report in "Alpin", issue 3/2003 about the "Jubelfest am Everest" with interview with the organiser of "Bad Heilbrunner Everest-Jubiläums-Expedition-2003" Eckhard Schmitt. (in German)

Political changes in Nepal raise the hopes for a smooth course of "Bad Heilbrunner Mount-EverestExpedition 2003".

17 February 2003 There are only six weeks remaining for the German-Swiss Mount Everest Anniversary Team before leaving for Nepal. The team now enters the "hot phase" of the project with gathering and packing all the equipment and managing the latest logistic details.
15 Februar 2003 Eckhard Schmitt, head of the expedition, and Hans Kammerlander, famous mountaineer from Südtirol, have been interviewed by several tv stations. You will have the possibility to see some parts of the interview on television on 6. March 2003, 7pm at Bayerisches Fernsehen, Bergauf-bergab.
29 January 2003 Additional TV/Radio shots
From Feb. 01 to Feb. 02, 2003 the members of the "Bad Heilbrunner Mount Everest Expedition 2003" will meet in Kendersteg, Switzerland, for another training session. There will be a number of media representatives present. Broadcasting schedules will be announced.
06 January 2003 The list of the team members now contains more detailed information about the individual members.
20 December 2002
Broadcast on Bavarian Radio: Bavarian Radio has had a look at the members of "Bad Heilbrunner Mount EverestExpedition 2003" during their training and recorded several interviews. These will be broadcast on Saturday, 28 Dec 2002 in "Rucksackradio" on Bayern 1, from 05:00 to 07:00. (available in Germany only)
TV shots: On Friday, 20 Dec 2002, a TV team of SAT 1 did great shots of the participants during the training. The weather was beautiful; the shots were done at Brauneck during climbing, rappelling, jumaring and during a ski tour. Broadcast date will be on 07 January 2003 at 17:30 in SAT 1 (available in German only).
Our physician team was visited by the famous high altitude physician Prof. Dr. Vincent Grasso. They presented sensational broadcast techniques for extreme conditions. More Information
16 December 2002 The "Mount Everest Expedition 2003" is supported by the Herrligkoffer Foundation (officially: Deutsches Institut für Auslandsforschung).
06 August 2002 A first list of the team members is available online.

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