Comment on the text on Everestnews about the descent from camp 3

In his dispatches no. 8 and 9 on, Gheorghe Dijmarescu reports about our way down from camp 3 to ABC. The report is very detailed, and it agrees to our view of the events to about 90%. However, there may be a couple of things where Gheorghe might have had a different view of the situation, or where some additional piece of information would make things much clearer. Therefore, I would like to comment on the issues of Gheorghe's report. It is clear that in the given situation it would have very probably been impossible to reach the basecamp for the two of us alone. We do appreciate the immediate help and support which was given to us by everybody. In my exhausted condition, I might not have expressed my gratefulness to the appropriate extent in some cases. For this, I would like to apologize.

Hartmut Bielefeldt

23 June 2002

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