Dr. Hartmut Bielefeldt

Galleyenstrasse 19/2
D-88048 Friedrichshafen
e-mail: Hartmut Bielefeldt

born: 1965
nationality: German

Education and professional background

1984Abitur (high school graduation)
1984-1985Military service (surveying duties in artillery)
1985-91Study of physics at Konstanz University, Germany
1984-1989 (5 summers)different practical trainings at Dornier GmbH company, Friedrichshafen:
numerical simulations, data acquisition and optimization procedures for magnet assemblies in wigglers for free electron lasers; programming of numerical simulations for several other problems in physics
1990-91Diploma thesis in scanning force and friction microscopy at Univ. of Konstanz
June 1991Diploma in physics
1991-94Ph.D. thesis at external linkKonstanz University: opical near-field microscopy in reflection and transmission Applications: semiconductor characterization, polymer mixtures
Sept. 1994Ph.D. degree
Jan.-Sept. 1995Postdoctoral stay (9 months) at Laboratoire d'Optique P.M. Duffieuxexternal link, Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon (France): Design, construction and operation of a combined scanning force and optical near-field microscope (Human Capital and Mobility Program of the European Union)
Oct. 95-Sept. 96Postdoctoral stay at the external linkIBM Research Laboratory Zürich/Rüschlikon, Switzerland: Scanning near-field optical microscopy (applications, technical development, questions of image interpretation) (Human Capital and Mobility Program)
Oct. - Dec. 1996Construction of a scanning near-field optical microscope for semiconductor investigations using ultrashort laser pulses in the near infrared (IBM Rüschlikon / external linkETH Zürich, IQE)
March 1997 - Feb. 2002external linkUniversity of Augsburg:
Scanning probe microscopy characterization of oxide thin films and crystals, numerical simulations of the scanning force microscopy imaging mechanism, low-temperature UHV scanning probe microscopy
since May 2003 Sensor develompent (optoelectronic sensors) at external linkifm electronic GmbH, Meckenbeuren, Germany
since 2014: external linkifm efector gmbh, Tettnang, Germany


(Augsburg, 1997-2002)



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